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"Kid’s Wings provides free air transportation to those in financial need and in medical need of treatment at distant facilities and for whom commercial air transportation is either unaffordable or impractical."


"...making a difference a few people at a time!"

Detroit Free Press Nov. 2013     2014-02-16 16:37:35

  Detroit Free Press interview, †November, 2013 article?AID=2013311240068  ......

Flight Home From Toledo     2013-06-19 20:40:31

6.5.13† Kidís Wings flight from Toledo to Pittsburgh. Seventeen year old Lauren has been suffering from a condition called Arterial Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome since the age of 9. The condition went misdiagnosed until recently, resulting in pain and deterioration of the nerves and muscles in her right arm. Luckily, a specialist in Ohio has been able to address her condition and she has undergone surgery and begun therapy to treat the residual nerve damage. Due to Lauren's limited mobility and constant pain, commercial flights would be difficult for her physically and the cost to secure frequent flights from their home ......

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